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Our Story 


Our products were birthed out of both passion and necessity- a passion for making others feel seen and loved but only having limited funding to fulfill this goal. God took that as his opportunity to meet our product designer with his creative power. It's from that place that the idea for our themed and personalized Christian greeting card bookmarks emerged and has grown. 

Similar to our products our life, family, and behavior coaching services originated from passion- a passionate desire to see the Father's intended design for relationships and families. 

In all things we seek to help others experience the personal and unique love of the Father and provide simple yet impactful reminders that we are made in HIS image.  


  •  To create opportunities for individuals and families to learn the applicability of God's word in all aspects of their lives 

  • To help individuals and families implement God's word to achieve HIS best for them.  

  • To create opportunities for others to demonstrate Christ's love to others. 


  • We hope that more people become grounded in the knowledge that they were carefully crafted in the image of God (Ps. 139:14)

  • We hope that everyone we engage seek to grow and cultivate personal relationships and families with the desire to achieve God's best as the foundation of those relationships 

  • We hope that special occasions will be used as opportunities to spread God's love 

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